Dress Code

All students and staff are expected to uphold high standards of conduct and appearance. Clothing should be suitable and comfortable for normal school activities and should reflect the respect, pride and standards of the student"s home and community. Wear clothing that allows you to be comfortable and move easily.

  • SHOES: Wear closed toe shoes that are good for running. Flip-flops and open-toe sandals are not appropriate for school.
  • HATS: Hats may be worn outdoors with the bill facing forward for weather protection. Hats may not be worn indoors.

Dress Code Violations

  • Sagging or baggy clothing, such as pants worn below well below the waist or items too large for the person.
    Gang-related items or clothing.

  • Clothing that promotes illegal activity such as alcohol, drugs, or displays unacceptable or violent messages.

  • Make-up and/or artificial nails.

  • Jewelry which may result in injury and can be distracting. The school is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

  • Clothing that is revealing or exposes undergarments. Students are not allowed to wear shirts with straps less than one-inch wide, halters, short shorts/skirts or see-through clothing.

  • Items of clothing, accessories or styles that are disruptive to the learning environment.

The school reserves the right to further restrict the types and colors of clothing to be worn at school.

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

Parents may be contacted by school personnel if the violation is persistent or serious. The student will be required to change clothes or remove the items in violation of the dress code. If violations persist, the student will be referred to the office and a parent conference will be scheduled. Exceptions to the dress code may be allowed for specific events, such as spirit days. Any violations that are unsafe or offensive will result in a dress code violation.

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